Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

StartUp FASHION Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy

StartUp FASHION is an anti-racist organization and we are working to develop and implement strategies within the business to help dismantle systemic racism.

StartUp FASHION’s core message, value, and mission is rooted in encouraging people to follow their dreams and goals to live a happy and fulfilled life. But following your dreams and goals is a privilege. And for a long time that truth had been we overlooked in our business. 

Below is our statement and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our business and the way we operate. This is a work in progress and will continue to be updated, revised, and improved as we continuously learn.


CORE BELIEF + MESSAGE:  Everyone deserves the opportunity to chase their dreams and reach their goals.


  • Hate
  • Racism, sexism, ageism, able-ism, homophobia, transphobia
  • Bullying


We hired a DEI consultant to us help with:

  • The “goals and dreams” core belief system and learning how that is very different for people of color and people in marginalized communities
  • “Dreams and goals” messaging to be more sensitive to the lack of opportunity and inclusion for people of color and people in marginalized communities
  • Developing resources that specifically help people of color and people in marginalized communities with going after “dreams and goals”


Photos on all websites (StartUp FASHION, The Designer Membership, LevelUp FASHION) and social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) include BIPOC and people who are part of marginalized communities beyond tokenization in order to make sure that we are communicating that this is a space where all are welcomed and served.

DEI statement has been added to the About section of the StartUp FASHION website.

DEI statement has been added to the footer of our emails.

We will continue to build a diversified team. 

  • Currently (2022): 7 team members (5 women, 2 men, 3 People of Color, 4 white)

For new hires:

  • DEI statement will be included in job posts to make sure that the opportunity is open to all and, if hired, new team members will feel welcome and understood. 
  • Will post new job listings on job sites geared toward BIPOC.


We are doing more to showcase our members and commit to making sure that a large portion of the spotlights focus on members of color and members who are part of marginalized communities.

Commit to hiring more Black experts and Experts of Color (beyond tokenization) for our members-only webinars.


All sponsors are vetted by requiring they provide information about the percentage of BIPOC, women, and other marginalized communities on their leadership and teams. A commitment on their part to hiring these communities beyond tokenization will be required for partnership. 

Small sponsors whose businesses are family-owned or teams of less than 5, are required to share their DEI policy/ initiatives so we can understand how they’re doing better. 

Partners who extend an invitation to Nicole to speak, are asked about the percentage of BIPOC, women, and other marginalized communities who are spotlighted on their podcast, panels, keynotes, blogs, etc. and Nicole only accepts the invitation if these communities are included beyond tokenization .

Service providers, educational resources, communities/groups we join as a company (as well as Nicole as an individual) are vetted for diversity, equity, and inclusion before we sign on with them.

  • Do they have a DEI policy? Will they share it?
  • What percentage of participants are BIPOC, women, and other marginalized communities?