6 Successful Fashion Social Media Campaigns to Inspire You

Social media is the perfect way to connect with your customers and build a community. It’s easy to understand why social media campaigns have become such a big driver of business for emerging fashion brands. If you create great content, for the right audience, social media can be one of the best tools in your marketing toolbox.

Of course, you already know how important social media is! But with all the day-to-day work that goes into social media management, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Social media is built for big ideas! We love looking at other great fashion brands who are leading the curve in social media to get inspiration. There are so many new platforms, new tools for those platforms, and new ways to leverage those tools.

Get inspired by a few of our favorite successful fashion social media campaigns here!

Everlane’s Linen Jumpsuit, Styled Three Ways

Everlane consistently creates imaginative, interesting social media campaigns that also leverage the platform’s tools. When they launched the Linen Jumpsuit, they asked a number of female business owners to style the jumpsuit in three different ways. This really showed off the versatility of the style.

These photos were not only shared to the influencers’ accounts, but also on Everlane’s Instagram feed and their Stories. It tied in the key value proposition of their jumpsuit (its versatility) by featuring busy, stylish women, making the design their own. It also amplified the content by getting these women to share to their own networks. And it also created high-quality content for Everlane to publish on their own social accounts.

Aerie’s #AerieREAL

This popular campaign by Aerie wasn’t limited to their social media, but it served as a broader marketing message that was served really well by their social media channels. Aerie committed to no longer retouching any of their models, starting in 2014, and they’ve continued this commitment until today.

They started the hashtag #AerieREAL on their Instagram (@aerie) to talk openly about why they made this choice. They also invited their whole community to tell stories about what #AerieREAL means to them. Aerie uses this hashtag in posts to invite user-generated content in stories and images. It generates aton of content from women all over the world. In fact, at the time of this writing, there are nearly 200,000 posts that use that hashtag!

What’s really great is how Aerie is able to tie in this message into so much of their social media marketing. It’s flexible enough that they can use the hashtag in different ways. This leaves room for variety in their storytelling.

Midland #midlandgalsforchange

Midland’s Spring campaign was the perfect combination of quality content, influencer marketing, and social impact. On their Instagram (@midland_shop), they chose a series of influential women working towards change in their communities to highlight, and featured them on their social media.

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NICOLE & INDIA BUSHNELL ~ The amazing woman standing next to me is my mother. Not only did she give me life, she has also given me the world. She’s always said that becoming a mother was the best decision she ever made…her greatest joy. And that’s exactly what it should be: a woman’s decision. A woman’s choice. Our RIGHT to choose is under attack once again, and we must stand tall and fight until all women have access to quality reproductive healthcare, birth control, and the option to safely terminate a pregnancy when need be. Motherhood is a gift, one that I truly look forward to experiencing someday; but no one should be forced into it against their will or if they aren’t ready. We must work together to protect a woman’s right to choose! . Planned Parenthood, The Center for Reproductive Rights, and The Yellowhammer Fund are just a few of the many organizations we should support and stand with. @plannedparenthood @reprorights @yellowfund . NICOLE ~ I am sure there is more good than bad in this world but an empty can rattles loudest. So, my mission is to seek out, support and shine a light on the champions.. the forces for good. The nurturers, the fierce protectors, the mothers, the arbiters of peace, justice and progress! The ones who are working to make this world a more gentle place. For every bit of news that fills me with despair, I know there are countless others of hope and ACTION for good. Let’s drown out and fight the messages of hate, intolerance, small thinking with the flood of goodness I know is out there. ⚡️ @nicole_bushnell @india_yumiko wear @atelierdelphine hair by @thedrybar make-up by @kerrycrawford photographed by @anniemcelwain at @festoon_la ⚡️ #midlandgalsforchange

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Not only did they tell each woman’s story in a well-written Instagram post, but they also created a unified series of photographs of these women (in Midland clothing, of course), that ties the whole campaign together. These posts got great engagement in likes and comments. Of course, they also got shared by the influential women who got to tell their story to a broader audience. It’s a win-win.

Girlfriend Collective’s Giveaways

We know giveaways on Instagram are a pretty standard thing nowadays, but that makes Girlfriend Collective’s giveaway campaigns stand out even more. Their content for each giveaway includes a styled photo of all of the brands together.

Here’s an example from their Instagram (@girlfriend) for this year’s Mother’s Day giveaway:

Ensuring that you have the right brand aesthetic for all brands involved, showcasing each brand effectively, and making it all feel cohesive (rather than just a bunch of products on a table), is not an easy thing to do. Girlfriend Collective does a great job of all these things. It’s the type of image that stops the endless scroll, and that’s the whole point of a great campaign on Instagram.

Atlas Supply’s Name That Bag

Atlas Supply makes these gorgeous leather travel backpacks and has the stunning travel content on their social media to prove it! Each time they launch new colors, they invite their community to come up with names for each color as part of a giveaway. The winner gets a free bag in the color they named.

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❌CLOSED ❌ GIVEAWAY! ?? We have a tradition of letting YOU name the new colors of bags we bring on! Our new collection “The Staple” is hitting the shop this week and we need some names! We’ll be presenting a new color everyday this week. Today is The Staple in a deserty neutral brown. (Sitting in between our current bags, Sand and Penny, for reference.) TO ENTER: Comment your idea for what you think the best name for the bag would be! (try to keep all your ideas all in one comment, but if you think of one later you’re welcome to come back and comment again.) ? If the name we choose is commented by more than 1 person, the first person who commented the name will win. We’ll pick our favorite name and announce a winner on June 7th. (All giveaways end June 6th @ 10:00 pm PST) Winner gets the bag they named + street cred because you named an Atlas bag ?

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This is such a fun, engaging way to get the community invested in your product. Their engagement rate goes through the roof on these posts (1800+ comments on this post!). Best of all, people get so creative and funny with their ideas.

Glossier’s Eye Cream Announcement

Admittedly, Glossier is more beauty than fashion, but there is a lot we can learn from their powerful social media campaigns. Glossier’s Instagram (@glossier) often screenshots texts and Tweets from their customers, raving about their products. It’s a great way to show off 5-star customer testimonials, and they tend to share the funniest ones that will generate a lot of engagement.

When Glossier was teasing their new eye cream product, Bubblewrap, they shared a screenshot of a customer Tweet that asked for an eye cream at the beginning of the year. It’s the perfect way to show that they’re listening to their customers and responding to what they want.

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Tomorrow—eye cream gets Glossier ?

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It also hints that their community should Tweet at Glossier or comment on their Instagram with more requests and ideas. Highlighting community engagement is a great way to invite more of it!


What has inspired you lately? Send us your favorite social media campaigns!


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