A Textile BluePrint

Cyanotype Fabrics
Photo: www.apartmenttherapy.com

Has anyone heard of Cyanotype Fabrics? I hadn’t. Until about 10 minutes ago. The cyanotype photographic printing process used by photographers and architects to create blueprints is applied to fabrics like silk and cotton to create that cyan blue ground and white print that is so familiar to us all.  Apparently known as “sun fabrics”, they can be purchased pre-treated by the yard and, while always blue, harbor endless possibilities in terms of design. I imagine fashion and home furnishing designers alike utilizing the concept to create maybe not an entire collection, but definitely a signature piece or two.   I like the look.   It’s clean, rich, bold, and tends to add an artistic flair to anything from a garment or scarf to an upholstered chair or curtains.

As I mentioned, you can buy the fabrics pre-treated which makes the design process a lot less time consuming. I found Blueprints on Fabric, a company in Washington with an ecommerce sight for those of us in other parts of the world. According to their website all products are pre-washed, hand treated and sealed in u.v. protective bags, ready for printing. They include full instructions and are happy to work with you on custom treating.  I may be a bit behind as this process on fabrics is not a new thing by any means, but that’s okay.   I have in fact discovered it and, as a creative business owner, am looking forward to the possibility of implementing it into my own work.  How about you?

Nicole Giordano

Nicole is the founder of StartUp FASHION, an online resource and community supporting for independent designers around the world with building their businesses. A deep love for the craft of fashion paired with an adamant belief that success is defined by the individual, led her to found StartUp FASHION, where she helps independent designers and makers screw the traditional fashion business rules, create their own paths, and build businesses they truly love. More than anything else, she’s in the business of encouragement and works every day to remind makers and designers that they have something special to offer the world and that they can, in fact, do this thing!

  1. KD

    So glad I’m taking time out to catch up on all your blog posts. I have this on my to do list for my collection.

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