10 Fashion Photoshoot Ideas and Tips

Whether you are just starting a fashion business or consider yourself a seasoned entrepreneur,  stellar marketing is always on your agenda. Planning a fashion photoshoot is an important part of your marketing plan.

Being a highly visual industry, you need to play the visual card to attract customers to your doorstep. That’s where fashion photoshoots come in.

Nice pictures of your clothing or accessories are drastically different from photos of a person wearing them. While both types can help you sell your product, the latter creates a connection with your target audience.

Let’s take a closer look at tips and ideas for your next fashion photoshoot.

1. Find the Right Models For Your Fashion Photoshoot

The key to your fashion photoshoot’s success is choosing the right model. Take the time to study your buyer persona and choose a model with similar qualities.

When consumers see fashion models, they must relate to them. So the more your model looks like your target audience the better. Remember, pretty faces and perfect bodies aren’t a must-have anymore. The model’s purpose is to make your products look amazing.

2. Choose a Photographer

A photographer can make or break your photoshoot.  While you don’t need to spend a fortune on the most popular photographer on the block, a professional with an appealing portfolio is a must-have.

Many solopreneurs try to DIY. Be careful, unless you have experience with photography, the success of a DIY endeavor is questionable at best unless you do some serious research. If you have the time to learn how to work with lighting, shades, colors, poses, and the like, you can try taking photos on your own.

Important:  While it’s possible to make good shots with a smartphone camera, photos taken with professional equipment have a much higher quality.

3. Be the Boss

No matter how professional your models and photographers are, you are still the boss. You are the only one who knows exactly how your products should look in photos. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments and give advice to the photographer.

It’s much easier to make an extra 100 shots than to plan another fashion photoshoot if you aren’t happy with the results.

4. Make a Plan For Your Fashion Photoshoot

You should have a good understanding of what you expect to get out of your fashion photoshoot.  Take the time to plan for:

  • The number of items in each shot
  • The number of shots
  • The props you need

When making each shot, you need to know exactly where you plan to use it. Photos for blogs may be different than photos for a product configurator. Meanwhile, photos for your e-store catalog should be different from photos for social media posts.

5. Don’t Overdo It

While fashion photographs are amazing for creating a connection with the buyer, overdoing them is counterproductive.

Certain consumers may end up focusing on the model’s face and body instead of paying attention to what they are wearing. That’s why fashion photos should be complemented with apparel photos.

6. Keep the Focus

While it’s tempting to stuff as many items into the shot as possible, doing so can disperse the consumer’s attention. Choose the focal point of each photo.

For example, if it’s a pair of pants, keep the style and color of the shirt and shoes neutral. If it’s a purse, the model should wear a one-color dress or suit. Otherwise, the purse won’t stand out.

7. Declutter the Background

Flashy and cluttered backgrounds may look nice for family photoshoots. However, they reduce the effect of your fashion items drastically. Ideally, you should choose a completely neutral homogeneous background without any furniture, flowers, or other accessories. Think minimalism.

8. Have a Backup Plan

Photoshoot plans must be flexible. Hundreds of things can change at the last moment. A model can get sick. Rain can delay the outdoor shoot. The photographer may decide to quit.

To prevent these problems from ruining your fashion photoshoot, come up with a backup plan. You should always keep alternative dates, locations, models, and photographers in mind.

9. Get Inspired

It can be tough to find inspiration for a fashion photoshoot, especially if you’ve never done one before. Places to search for inspiration include:

  • Competitor brands
  • Work of high-end photographers
  • Fashion magazines

Besides being inspired by the success of other brands, you can get amazing ideas from their failures. Check what these brands have done in the past, pinpoint their mistakes, and capitalize on them during your photoshoot.

10. Cut Costs

If you are a solopreneur or a small fashion business owner, you don’t need to splurge on a photoshoot. Here are a few simple ways to stay within your budget:

  • Keep the photoshoot indoors.
  • Don’t search for a highly experienced photographer (focus on portfolio, not experience). Look for one on Instagram. You can find talented beginners with reasonable price lists.
  • Ask friends to be your models.
  • Don’t create clothing specifically for the photoshoot. Use something you already have.
  • Don’t rent a studio. All you need is a light homogenous background. The photoshoot can be arranged at a friend’s house. However, the photographer must bring the lighting equipment.
  • If you decide to rent a studio, do it during a low season (after Christmas, during the cold months of the year).

If you need to do some apparel photography as well, implement it into the same session. This way you wouldn’t need to arrange another photoshoot for product photos. Meanwhile, many photographers offer discounts based on the number of images.

Start Planning Your Fashion Photoshoot Today

Photoshoots are an integral part of a successful fashion business. Capitalizing on the visual appeal of your products involves careful planning. Take the time to do some research and hire the right people.

Remember, the results of a successful photoshoot can help you move your fashion business to the next level. Start planning today!


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