Clothing Manufacturers Good Clothing Company Provide Independent Designers with Low Minimum Production

Good Clothing Company sewing machine

You know how the headache of small run production and all the stress that comes along with it can sometimes bring you to tears?

It’s so difficult. As a new brand, it feels like finding a manufacturer who is willing to work with your short runs, who doesn’t push you aside when a larger order comes through, and who doesn’t treat you as if you don’t know the first thing about this business, is impossible.

This early stage of the business– production– and the uncertainty and confusion that come with it, can make you question your decision to do this at all– it can make you feel like you were crazy to think you could ever build a business around doing what you love. 

I hate that. I hate that your experience so early on could cause you to doubt yourself; that your interaction with a factory could make you consider giving up. Especially because it doesn’t have to be this way.

Last week I had an hour long phone call with Kathryn Hilderbrand, and I seriously believe she going to make significant change in this industry. She is getting ready to launch Good Clothing Company, a low minimum production clothing manufacturers for emerging and independent designers.

During our call we talked about why we each do what we do– and I felt so connected with Kathryn’s beliefs and values. Having a clothing line herself, she is all too familiar with the kind of responses and treatment that emerging brands receive when looking for manufacturing. So, being a master tailor as well as having 30 years in the industry, she has decided to fix this gaping issue, as well as other issues that matter.

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They also plan to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. — it just makes economic sense.

After such an inspiring and exciting conversation, I knew I wanted to work with Kathryn and her team.

Why We Love Good Clothing Company

  • Kathryn and her team give a damn. To be blunt- launching the Good Clothing Company is not coming from the desire or need to start a business (Kathryn already has 3 successful businesses going strong). It comes from the desire to help.
  • The expertise- Kathryn is a Master Tailor; she has a successful tailor shop, storefront, and yoga wear brand. She’s spent 30 years in this industry and knows it well. The Good Clothing Company team is made up of expert seamstresses and designers who know how to make the highest quality clothing and accessories.
  • Kathryn comes from the designer’s perspective– she understands your concerns, questions, and fears — and therefore does not judge or dismiss you as you make your way through the process.

What You Need To Know About Good Clothing Company

  • They work in apparel and accessories including soft leather bags, scarves, and other pieces.
  • They have a 10 piece minimum!
  • They may be based in Massachusetts but they work with global designers— at the time of our call, they were expecting tech packs from a designer in Singapore.
  • They offer tech pack creation, samples, and production runs.
  • Ideally a designer will come to them with a solid plan and they will help you with whatever you need (tech packs, samples, and/or production) However, if you’re feeling lost and need to hire a production company that can give you guidance on what you need, they can be that company.
  • They plan to have their doors open in early March.

Download the Ultimate Production Checklist for working with Clothing Manufacturers right here!

As Kathryn said:

It’s about Fabric + Thread + a Dream. Let’ do this!

Nicole Giordano

Nicole is the founder of StartUp FASHION, an online resource and community supporting for independent designers around the world with building their businesses. A deep love for the craft of fashion paired with an adamant belief that success is defined by the individual, led her to found StartUp FASHION, where she helps independent designers and makers screw the traditional fashion business rules, create their own paths, and build businesses they truly love. More than anything else, she’s in the business of encouragement and works every day to remind makers and designers that they have something special to offer the world and that they can, in fact, do this thing!

  1. mai

    Hi, I am starting my own brand and have difficulty finding good quality production. I am looking for good producers in Egypt, any help? thank you

    • Casey Cline

      Hi Mai,

      We don’t know any producers off-hand in Egypt and introducing designers to production partners isn’t quite what we do. ? We’re a business resource and community for independent startup fashion brands. If you join our community when we re-open for membership ( you will be connected to other designers and also given a library of resources for building and growing your business. Hope this helps!

      Good luck,

  2. John

    I remember how difficult it was for me to be in job without perfect gym wear.Later on I buy gym clothes online and I can really feel the difference in the comfort and confidence.

  3. fantôme

    Hi, I live in the Netherlands, and I’m a start up fashion designer. Because I am a start up I am looking for a manufacture in Europe that produces small quantities/minimums, and is willing to work with me and give advice on certain things that I do not know. My interest is streetwear with a different twist.

  4. Melten Fashion Factory

    Hi My name is Sophie
    I can help you for any production. Melten Fashion Factory is the final stop for on line fashion labels including labels by bloggers, designers and fashion lovers. Setting up strict quality control standard and mature pricing system, we differ from others in understanding in trend and quick action along process of trend analysis,fabric sourcing,sampling and bulk production.

  5. Robert Smith

    I am looking for a US based clothing manufacturer that can help me launch a patriotic themed clothing line. I need help with putting the right design with the right fabric. I have examples of what I am looking for, I just need someone to help me put it together and bring it to life.

  6. Kevin

    I am looking to start my own line of resort wear to swimwear and underwear for men.

    I have the designs and I know what fabrics to use. Do you offer customised prints on fabric? I am looking at good quality finishing.

    Pls contact me thanks.

  7. Jadine Steer

    Hello I am a fashion stylist and I love drawing designs for clothing but I’ve always been interested in putting myself out there with my designs. would I be able have my ideas made with by this company? Also what you have any advice for me in terms of the creation process?

  8. Paul Wong

    hi , I’ started to run my own clothing business since 2015. But until now i still havent manage to find a good manufacture which able to provide good material of garment . Especially like those which already famous in the market ( NEIGHBORHOOD , FPAR , MASTERMIND JAPAN, BAPE etc ) Im more focus on streetwear design and based in MY/SG , Would like to know the prices and where is the production .

    • Kiwanica Gibbs

      I’m starting my underwear line could anyone tell me a good manufacturer for underwear,bras,tank tops, and crop tops? Thanks in advance…..

  9. Meiling

    I’m not a fashion designer but I luv hot yoga. Can I still start up my own company selling yoga clothing? I’ve no idea where to start especially design and manufacturing. What I’ve done so far is survey on yoga clothing. I’m based in Singapore.

  10. A

    I’m going to start my own line. May you send information about the cost, and protection of the designs?

  11. Zamira

    Hi, I am based in Africa and would like to know about production and cost for dress, jumpsuit. And how we can work together. Thanksd

  12. SB

    Hi, I am interested in starting a clothing line for the for the younger markets basically the teenagers so it will be tracksuits, hooded tops and urban fashion etc. I was just wondering, do you ship to the UK and how do I go about it. I would like to start with the minimum order for the best results.

  13. tilleah

    Hi, I am currently in the makes of starting up a kids clothing line focusing mainly on boys 0- 24months. If you could please give me some information on your service and what you need from me to be able to get started that would be great!

    thanks heaps

  14. Rebecca

    I want to start a children’s clothing line. Would like more information on your services and what exactly you would need from me. Thank you!

  15. Sushant Mohan

    My company is about fitness, gym clothing, and Heavy lifting in the gym. I want my clothes to be unique clothing. Where people can wear inside and outside the gym. I don’t want me clothing to be as same as othe companies out there, I want my clothes to unique. So, I would like to get quote for 1600 pieces. I want four size such as small, medium, large, and x-large. I have three logos for company such as company logo, initial, and company name. I have four different colors for shirts with four different colors for logos than shirt colors. Thank you for your time please contact asap.

  16. Dee R Webster

    I am looking to start a unique spiritwear line for the local schools and colleges. I would like to get pricing for an item I am interested in getting made.

  17. Tee Diane

    Great read Nicole! As an aspired designer and brand builder it is refreshing to see more doors opening for this passion. This article inspired me to start following your Instagram and I am inspired daily by your post! Thank you for looking out for the great-to-be designers.. such as myself ?

  18. TANDY

    Hi. I work for Lost Lambz, LLC and we are looking for source company or two that can manufacture our apparel and accessory products such as tshirts, hats, hoodies, pin buttons, mugs, etc. We would like to have a reliable source to produce our merchandise.

    • Eugene

      I am from Republic Of Moldova (Europe) and i own a sewing factory over there
      At this moment i live in NYC so i would like to meet people that are interested in a partnership

  19. Erica

    Hi my name is erica and i just wanted to know what your company does. As far as designing goes do you make clothes for people wanting to start their own clothing line?

  20. Yolande Stevens

    Hello, I am the owner of YLS #YOURLYFESTLE brand looking to invest in a manufacturing establishment who understands my vision of quality (very important). My garments and leather clutch handbags are for all women who like to create their lyfe style with a touch of sass. I need a quantity of 10 pieces of each design to start, and possibly that quantity will grow as our business relationship grows. I read a post on your website from FEBRUARY 2, 2015 which sparked my interest to contact you. I’m based in the United States, and would like to know the cost or a price list of your structure operation. I am a new business owner looking to expand my design with the help of a manufacturer. I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss the possibilities of working together.

    Thank you,

  21. Katie Elliott


    I’m looking for a manufacturer to create my designs. I am the owner of a
    childrens clothing boutique in Bristol called Misschiefs and am looking
    to start with just one design of a simple harem style romper. If all
    goes well I’d like to do each season with you and I am looking to open
    the next shop in 6 months with the aim of 6. Are you able to give me a
    quote if i send you the design? I am looking for good quality and good
    prices. I would be looking to retail the rompers at around £14

    Many Thanks

    Creative director

  22. Kathh


    I am creating a woman’s clothing line of upscale designs. I am looking for a Canadian or U.S manufacturer. Can anybody help me with more information and cost?

    • Lajuana Centrell Williams

      It can be so hard at times but I will not stop my dream. I love what you are doing.

  23. Miriam

    Warm Greetings !

    First Golden Ready Made Garments Company here in Dubai which is about to open our shop soon. We are looking for a manufacturer that allowing order in a small quantities, on each designs that can supply our shop . We are selling both wholesale and retail.

    Our target customers are all nationalities . Aside from local peoples, expats and tourist .In regards of the gender, both male and female. Age ranges from new born to adulthood. ( age 0 to 60’s )

    As a start, we would like to order for a minimum quantity of 24 pcs on each items and designs. We will be glad that our customers will be proudly feel satisfaction regarding the quality and the durability of the clothing materials that can make them visiting and buying our products repeatedly.

    We are targeting generally all peoples from average to high ins.

    We want a long term contract with exclusive designs and quality of clothing , means what ever the design of the fabric used should not be given to others specially here in my location.

    I want to make a label in the name of my company and also I want to select some designs and specially the cloth should be 100 % cotton, if other designs need for a mix cotton but at least its a good quality that looks expensive but affordable cost and a durable one that clients will be easily attractive and satisfied.

    Please let me know about the quotation and if possible you can send me a sample of your products designs which is latest one, so that I can check the quality.

    I hope we can start a fruitful partnership with you soon.

    • Ahsan Siraj

      Hey I am a manufacturer of males and females clothes. We deal in almost all age groups. We need buyers for our products. We can make small quantity order too.

      Stile & Selexion

  24. Sophie

    Hello, am starting a clothing line for children between the ages of 0-10 and night wear and underwear for women. I need more information on how you can help this start off.

  25. Jonathan Hodge

    Hello I’m looking for a manufacturer that create my designs for my clothing company, please let me know if your company can help me

    • Alison Schwartz

      We manufacture in Turkey, all types of apparel for other labels.
      We specialize in leather and crocodile, handbags, shoes, leather jackets, denim and leather jeans, lingerie, you name it. We pride ourselves in producing high quality
      at great prices. Would be delighted to discuss your needs.

      Alison Schwartz
      Middle East Royal Trade, Inc.
      973.908.4209 cell/ whatsapp

    • jayaganesh

      14 KVR Nagar,mangalam road
      Contact us:

      We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves that we are a team of
      professionals functioning as an Apparel-sourcing & Quality inspecting
      company in India. I will starts this company few months back . The company ensure that all clothes will be manufactured to your design and specifications. We doing all types of knitted garments for men’s, women’s and children’s. We can do small quantity orders also. I will give you cent percent quality.Our price must be reasonable and affordable. Please feel free to contact us .

      • roxanne

        Do you produce childrens boutique clothes ages between 1-10 years old and girls and boys.

  26. Julian

    I am starting a a womens clothing line specializing in denim and would to get more information about cost

  27. Nautica Joyce

    Hi I’m a starting up business is there a way we can communicate and maybe you can help me

  28. Ell


    I’m looking for a no minimum or low minimum manufacturing company to help produce swimwear. I have designs ready and I know what material I would like to use. This will start off as a 10 design collection but will expand and eventuall will need bulk production.

    Thank you!

  29. Ana

    I’m a aspiring fashion designer and I’m looking for a manufacturing company for my clothing line. I design for men, women and kids. I have all the sketches, patterns and more to come. Just need the right manufacturing to help launch for the right price.

  30. Mary Jane Parrish

    To Whom it May Concern,
    I am interested in a manufacturing company, requiring small minimums, who specializes in women’s workout wear. Please view my product at
    Ideally, you would supply the fabric. I have my own patterns, although they may require some revision.
    If you are interested in manufacturing my product, please send a sample of lycra/supplex/meryl/spandex4-way stretch fabric which offers compression, as well as moisture wicking properties.
    Also, please give me a quote for making a sample(I can send a prototype), price per unit, and minimum order requirement.
    Thank you,
    Mary Jane Parrish

  31. Jodi Call


    My sister and I are starting a pajama line for women. I am in the process of making the initial pattern for the first style and getting a sample made. We will be starting small but hope to produce big quantities soon. I would like to know how to get pricing on the production/sewing end. Our initial sample is a traditional men’s style pajama top and bottom in fabric with a contrasting cuff on pant and sleeves.

  32. Monique


    I am in the process of starting up my own kids clothing online store, could u please send me more information please i am based in brisbane australia but plan to move back to new zealand within two years

  33. Nate S

    I am in my 30’s and interested in starting a clothing. I live in Southern Maine and looking for any insight.

  34. Emmy

    This is just what i have been looking for. We are planning on coming up with a new brand but will use African fabrics mostly. Can you connect with me urgently please.

  35. Mike Chow

    Hello My name is Mike. I own a factory producing knitwears in China. We are now expanding our business and we would like to work with independent designers. We worked in this industry for more and 30 years and we partnered with many well-known brands around the world. If you are interested in producing you designs in China, please leave a comment.

    • marlene

      I want to start up my own clothing line and would like to know about your prices. I would like to produce in China. I would like to know more information about your company.

    • Lycia

      Hello Mike. I am planning on starting an active wear/sportswear apparel very soon. I already have the brand name and logo for my business. I am presently working on my designs. However i do not know about materials and how to get them sourced. I want to know what would be your cost for sourcing quality materials and making the apparels for me. I would like a few samples before making bulk orders.

      Thank you

  36. Sam Sam

    We would love to partner with you. We are a fashion marketplace for exclusive curated designer wear online.

  37. christy

    hi, my name is christina, and i have samples and patterns that i have already made. My question is how do i contact you by phone so we can get this ball on the role to make some pieces for me. I have some image i can send you and am very excited to have found you and hope we could work together really soon.

  38. Breshawnda Dozier

    Hello to whom it may concern, I’m Bre and I think your company sounds great, I wanted to to know what’s some of your quotes for items such as sweater dresses, jeans and button down shirts. Also, do you fabric source?

    Please let me know if you need more detailed descriptions.

    Thank you.


    Bre Dozier

  39. Diamante R.

    Hey my name is Monte and me and my 2 brothers moving down ATL to starts female clothing line with a few make piece.We are young we are 20 we starting from the bottom and is so lost in this world we don’t know how much is cost to get our stuff mind we have very few designs and I’m afraid cuss I don’t wa t to put my money into someth and it fails or my brothers don’t know what they are doing so please contact me back snap cuss we moving down there next year and I really need help and advice


  40. RILIS

    We are a new womenswear company looking for a manufacturer, to produce an initial sample of a 12 piece
    collection, followed by a bulk order. We want a high quality finish and fabric is important; we can provide
    samples of the fabrics we want to use but we would need to know if you would source the fabric as we would
    not know how much to buy. We would need a quote for how much the samples would cost, also what your
    minimum order quantity is and if the minimum order quantity was per piece or for an entire collection.
    We want each item to be made in 2 sizes (S/M) and (M/L), which makes our collection a 24 piece collection as
    we want just one colour way per piece.
    Our collection is very minimal, Scandinavian style, clean lines with a lot of style shape repartition.
    We are looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible,
    Best regards

  41. Davina Francis

    Hello, I would like to know some prices for production of my line to be make in the USA.

  42. Jasmine Jensen

    I’m interested in getting my clothes made in the USA….I would like to know some prices on getting dresses, blouses, skirts, and pants made. Thanks, Jadmine

  43. Deb

    I’m in the process of starting a womens clothing line. At this stage small quantities of approx. 20×4 designs and hopefully working my way up to larger quantities. Please contact me so we can discuss production costs.

  44. Margaret

    I am an upcoming designer, hoping to start a women clothing line and label aimed at females between the ages of 18- 35 and on a small scale budget and production, and would like to know if your company could be of help in the production and how much will the production cost.

  45. Anne Roop

    Hi my friend and I are very excited to start an 8 piece women’s collection aimed at middle aged women….we are excited to get it rolling….hope this company can help us!

  46. Coleen Huie

    I would like more information on production and cost. I’m already designing and manufacture locally but I’m never one to put all my eggs in one basket.


  47. Terrell Pitts

    Hello my name is Terrell, i am a designer and in the process of developing a denim line. I would like to know your prices to manufacture jeans

  48. no

    Too bad it didn’t get enough support. Seriously…. If I could I would help them out but the deadline is almost here.


    My name is Laurence Torres ,from Puerto Rico and i bring a made to measure clothing for men (suit, shirts ,pants , tuxedos . Now all manufacturing in made in Peru . But ,i will like your cost.
    Laurence Torres

    • Munya


      I am based in New Zealand.

      We are working on a menswear brand and we are looking for manufacturing

      I would like to know how we can work together.

      I look forward to your response.

    • Rana

      I am looking for a tailor/manufacturer/atelier for women made to measure apparel.


  50. Dekontee

    This article is EVERYTHING! Thanks soo much for taking US, smaller, independent, upcoming designers and entrepreneurs into consideration. I first came across this website when I was researching on how to start a handbag line and the associated cost that came along with it, I have to say that that day has changed my mind set, which will eventually change my life. Your website is so informative and encouraging. I have been sitting on this idea of starting my own handbag line. I’ve researched many different manufacturing companies, and have tons of questions, but I’ve honestly been so afraid of picking up the phone to ask and research these ridiculous questions. Thanks again, to you and Good Clothing Company for taking into consideration the fears, and lack of assistance that can sometimes be provided to new brands! Please keep us informed!!

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