Here’s Your List of Fashion Trade Shows 2022

It’s a new year and you might be thinking about fashion trade show participation. There is a large variety of both virtual and in-person trade shows on the calendar for 2022. Here is a comprehensive list of 2022 fashion trade shows for you to check out:

Fashion Trade Shows- Sourcing

Source fabrics and trims, attend business seminars, meet factories, sample makers, printers, and all kinds of production-focused industry folks. These are shows you attend for free.

  • New York Fabric Show: New York Fabric Show offers a fabric and trimmings exhibit for designers, manufacturers, retailers, and more. The expo features American & European mills, converters, and importers. In 2022, the show is scheduled for January 19th and 20th.
  • Texworld USA: Texworld USA is North America’s largest sourcing event for designers, fabric buyers, and merchandisers consisting of products ranging across the entire spectrum of fabrics. The next Texworld USA is scheduled for January 25th-27th with a mix of in-person and digital events this year.
  • Sourcing at Magic: Sourcing at Magic is a fashion-sourcing event where attendees have access to global resources and receive insight into trends and information regarding inventive technology and the industry. 2022 sessions are being held in Las Vegas, February 13th- 16th.
  • Kingpins: Kingpins offers a carefully selected list of vendors including denim and sportswear fabric from all over the world. The show happens in various cities. 2022 dates are TBD but they do offer a lot of digital content on their site that you can view anytime.
  • Indigo/ Premiere Vision: This show brings together more than 100 exhibitors including experts in fabrics, leather, manufacturing, accessories, and more. Indigo New York will take place on January 18th and 19th this year.
  • L.A. Textile Show:  This show is the fashion industry’s premier West Coast destination for textile, design, and production resources. Showcasing hundreds of international fabric collections and design services, the show is presented with the West Coast’s contemporary and lifestyle designers in mind. They also have a sourcing pavilion for finding factories and other production-related services. This show takes place February 23rd-25th.
  • Textile Forum The Fashion Fabric Show London:  Textile Forum has cemented itself as London’s premier sourcing event for luxury fashion fabrics. The show attracts fabric buyers from major fashion retailers and brands, established independent design businesses and start-ups, tailors, craft shops, seamstresses, and costumiers.  This show takes place in London, March 16th- 17th. 
  • MUNICH FABRIC START: A dedicated trade show for members of the fashion industry, manufacturers, and suppliers.  Each season large numbers of fashion professionals from across Europe head to Munich to research and source for their new collections.  The next show is January 25th-27th, 2022.
  • Functional Fabric Fair: This is a trade-exclusive event showcasing the latest trends in fabric development for the functional textile industry. The next Functional Fabric Fairs will be held on April 4th-5th in Portland and July 18th-19th in NYC.
  • International Sourcing Expo Australia: Australia’s premier international sourcing show for apparel, accessories, and textiles. This year’s event takes place November 15th-17th in Melbourne Australia.
  • Source Africa: Source Africa is the leading industry event of its kind that brings together suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, and buyers all under one roof and takes place in Cape Town, South Africa, September 26th-28th.
  • London Textile Fair: The London Textile Fair is the biggest textile fair in London and is described as “a well-organized and friendly show.” The next show takes place March 22nd-23rd.
  • International Apparel and Textile Fair: The UAE’s exclusive sourcing and textile fair will be held in Dubai, on May 9th-11th.
  • Pure London: Pure Origin London unites manufacturers and buyers in London’s busiest fashion trade hub. The next show takes place February 6th-9th.

Top Tips for Sourcing-Based Fashion Trade Shows

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Fashion Trade Shows- Selling

Get new wholesale accounts, attend networking events, meet fellow designers, press, boutique owners, and all kinds of sales and marketing-focused industry folks. These are shows you participate in for a cost.

For these shows you need to have your packet ready to share with buyers: your lookbook and wholesale line sheet especially. 

  • Coterie: Coterie is the premier global event that connects women’s apparel, accessories, and footwear designers with the international “who’s who” of retailers. Coterie builds exclusive shopping experiences from the ground up so that brands and buyers can create synergies that fuel their businesses. This year’s shows take place February 27th-March 1st and September 18th-20th.
  • Designers and Agents: The Designers & Agents show identifies emerging talent and creates connections with designers and buyers. D&A features brands from around the world that are the influencers of the market. This year the event takes place in New York, February 25th-27th, and in Los Angeles, March 7th-9th.
  • COAST: COAST shows come to Miami on March 14th and 15th.  COAST offers the latest trends and bridges the gap between designers and retailers while becoming a global trade show.
  • Agenda: With a portfolio of over 1,000 brands, Agenda is the most diverse fashion trade show in the world. It comes to Las Vegas on February 15th-16th.
  • Magic: The Magic tradeshow is focused on young contemporary apparel, footwear, and accessories. This show takes place in Las Vegas Feb 14th-16th, New York Feb 27th-March 1st, and Nashville May 16th-17th.
  • Accessories The Show: NEW YORK Accessories The Show creates the world’s largest and most vibrant marketplace for juried accessories each and every season. This event takes place in NYC Feb 27th-March 1st
  • TRANOÏ: This show is an artistic platform with a curated selection of international premium designers. In addition to fashion tradeshows, TRANOÏ also brings together artistic installations, designers’ exhibitions, catwalk shows, parties, and all sorts of events. The show comes to Paris January 21st-23rd.
  • NY NOW: This show will showcase a broad spectrum of merchandise categories, including giftware, personal care, stationery, fashion accessories, and children’s products. This year NY Now is holding a winter market in New York, Feb 6th-9th, and a spring show in San Francisco, April 28th-29th.
  • Pure London: Be sure to take your place at the UK’s most unmissable fashion retail event. The next event is in London July 17th-19th.
  • The Lingerie Selection: This show is dedicated to promoting independent brands in the fast-growing lingerie segment. The show connects brands and buyers and forms a community of lingerie professionals, all seeking to provide their customers with exactly what they desire. The event usually takes place in Chelsea, NY, and 2022 dates are to be announced.
  • KnowShow is Canada’s premier lifestyle trade show and takes place July 6th-7th in Vancouver.
  • Man / Woman Shows: The Man and Woman shows are dedicated to bringing together a select community of brands from around the world and offering brands an introduction to the right buyers. Man/Woman Paris takes place January 21st-23rd, and Man/Woman New York takes place January 26th-28th.
  • International Jewelry London: This is the largest global meeting place for the jewelry industry and typically takes place in London. 2022 dates have not been announced.
  • Who’s Next: Who’s Next is the leading international fashion trade show for women in Europe. The next show takes place January 21st-24th, in Paris.
  • Outdoor Retailer: Outdoor Retailer is North America’s largest trade show in the outdoor clothing industry and takes place in Denver. The Snow Show is scheduled for January 26th-28th and the Summer Show is June 9th-11th.
  • Scoop X Pure: Scoop is a designer menswear trade show held at The Truman Brewery in London February 8th-10th.
  • Seek: Seek is a progressive contemporary fashion trade show held in Germany. 2022 dates are postponed for the time being due to covid.
  • SwimShow: The world’s largest swim show takes place in Miami, July 16th-18th.
  • American Handcrafted: This is the largest North American handmade wholesale show in the northeast. It will take place in Philadelphia from February 19th-21st.

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  1. Dora Tang-Baka

    Also check out CALA SHOW. It is an apparel trade show consisting of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and European contemporary fashion market representatives formed to offer a more contemporary alternative to other shows in Northern California and throughout the United States. CALA Show has grown to over a hundred exhibitors featuring thousands of contemporary womens and mens apparel and accessories.

  2. Saitama Sportswear

    That’s really great. Thanks for such a helpful list.

  3. Linda S

    I’m looking for wholesale plus size fashions for my dream of opening a 14+ size store in a medium size town. I can’t find anyone who wholesales plus size women’s clothing.

  4. Tatiana

    Hi Casey,
    Do you know of any trade shows geared specifically towards fabric store owners looks for supplies and tools?

    Thank you!

    • Casey Cline

      Hey Tatiana- I wasn’t able to find anything like that in a quick search, unfortunately, just fabric shows.

      • Casey Cline

        I found several options when I searched online for “wholesale plus size clothing” but can’t vouch for them personally. I do think that’s a great business idea!

  5. Patrick Chan

    Thanks for the list!

    Do you know of any shows that specialize in men’s formalwear?

    • Casey Cline

      Hi Patrick- I wasn’t able to find any trade shows just for men’s formalwear, so I think your best bet would be a more general men’s wear trade show.

  6. Jo GoBa

    I am working on a new start-up focused on head wraps. I looked at the NY Women’s site and was wondering if you knew of specific vendors that sell/focus on head scarves/wraps?

    • Casey Cline

      Hi Jo,

      I don’t know of any off-hand and none came up when I searched, unfortunately. I hope you can find something that meets your needs! Let us know what you find.


  7. mafer

    Hello!! What Show do you recommend for trims, buttons, zippers, accesories, tapes etc

    • Casey Cline

      Hi there- the New York Fabric Show specifically mentions trims- hope that helps!

  8. Liya

    Hello, I am a small swimwear startup.
    I am looking for a manufacturer who can produce my swimsuits, everything in one house. What trade show would you recommend to attend?
    Thank you very much,
    Kind regards,

    • Casey Cline

      Hi Liya- if you control-F and search “swim” you will find a few swimwear-focused trade shows on this list. We will also have our updated list for 2020 out very soon.

  9. Mardia Powell

    What trades shows offer hand bag options… leather & faux leather ?
    Thank you ?

  10. Rob and Susane

    We are wanting to know if any trade shows exist for used clothing. We are opening a store and looking for suppliers and or anything associated with that industry.

    • Casey Cline

      Not that we know of off-hand- has anything come up in your Google searches?

    • C.J. Michaud

      At Who’s Next in Paris there is usually a Vintage section…Excellent!!!

  11. Khushboo Jain

    great shows.. i really like it thanks for sharing

    • Casey Cline

      I’m glad you liked it. Let us know if you make it to any of the trade shows on the list!

    • Casey Cline

      I’m glad it was helpful for you- let us know if you attend any of these trade shows. 🙂

  12. Tiffany

    Hey Nicole, when would trade shows for Spring/Summer 20 be in NYC?

    • Casey Cline

      Hi Tiffany,

      We’ll put out an updated version for 2020 toward the end of 2019 once dates start getting announced. We then update the list a bit throughout the year. You can probably get a good idea of approximately when certain trade shows will be scheduled based on their 2019 dates. Hope this helps!


  13. Nia

    Hi We are a fashion export house in mumbai india , manufacturing hi fashion women wear for 35 years. What would be an ideal show to meet buyers for summer fashion in quantities from large brands

    • Pamela

      Hello….I’m a women’swear designer in the throes of building a luxury brand….a collection of clothing and accessory items…
      I am interested in the best trade show to connect with leathergood designers/wholesalers handbags and leather cuffs, leather gloves)and knitwear….(knit opera length gloves….
      What shoes would you highly recommend?????

    • Casey Cline

      Yes, there are a few listed in the post. Pure Origin is coming up in July in London.

  14. Mason

    For fashion enthusiasts and especially bloggers, such events really provide a means of connecting with like-minded people and share experiences with each other. Thanks for sharing .

  15. Tiffany

    Is there a show for resort collections in Miami in June/July?

  16. Ann Baggett

    I am new to the e-commerce world and have created a website by starting with dropshipping. The only problem is finding a dropshipper that connects me with good clothing for women. I have shifted gears to looking for good fashion wholesalers or anyone who would be open to allowing me to help create an online boutique style site that sells their clothing. Are there any shows where I can connect with good wholesalers or stores that need an online presence? Thanks!

    • Casey Cline

      We’re glad you liked it- be on the lookout for our 2019 version in early December.


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