How to Create a YouTube Channel for Your Fashion Brand

A fashion channel on YouTube is a great way to share information about your brand: who you are, what you have to offer, and, of course, why potential customers should choose you, out of all the brands out there. An estimated 81% of US adults use YouTube for browsing, seeking out information, and more.

Are you ready to expand your reach, create a larger presence, and establish your personality as a fashion brand? Try these steps for creating your own YouTube channel for your fashion brand.

1. Carefully narrow down exactly who you are, who you want to reach, and what type of content you want to create.

When it comes to creating a YouTube channel, finding your exact niche is key, especially in the beginning. You want viewers to know exactly what to expect when they come to visit your channel. Do you highlight new outfits that you’ve created? While you can always expand or offer more types of content later, you want to make sure that your early viewers are clear on what they should expect from you.

2. Establish your personality: The “who you are” that sets your brand (and you!) apart.

Why should interested viewers watch your channel? On average, more than 500 hours of new content is added to YouTube every minute. That means a lot of content that people could potentially check out–and you want their attention on your channel.

Why should they watch you?

Dial Up The Energy

One of the key things that sets your channel apart is your personality. You want an engaging, natural personality that will draw in your viewers. Make sure that your personality speaks to your target audience. Carefully consider the type of clothing you offer and what your target audience is most likely to need from you. Do you design athletic clothing? You may want an energetic on-screen presence that seems as though you’re always ready to roll out the door for your next workout. Do you design children’s clothes? You may want to create a parent-to-parent connection with your viewers.

When you’re on screen, regardless of the type of personality you portray, remember that energy is key! You want to turn up the dial on your natural energy level and let your personality shine.

Maintain Your Personality

Once your personality is established, make sure you keep it consistent. Remember, people want to see the same thing every time they connect with your brand, not be surprised by which side of your personality they’re seeing on a given day. Viewers are more likely to feel that they have developed a relationship with you when they can count on who you will be each time they watch your content.

3. Outline the early content you want to create.

When you first have the idea for a fashion channel, you’re probably overflowing with ideas. You want to highlight this outfit, and that new trend, and this particular type of style. As time goes on, however, it can become more difficult to come up with unique content ideas. You may also find that actually creating that content ramps up the difficulty level.

Before you ever start your channel, create an outline for the early content you want to create. Note what you want to post and create a calendar that establishes when you want to post it. You may want to shoot a few of your videos and look them over before you actually start posting, since that will help you get ahead of your schedule.

The Importance of Consistency

As with your personality, consistency in your posting schedule is key. You want your followers to know when to check out your channel for new, engaging content. If you have gaps in your schedule or an irregular posting schedule, you may find it much more difficult to get your followers to your page to view your content. That doesn’t mean that you can’t ever push out additional content, especially around holidays, sales, and promotions, but it does mean that you want to create a predictable schedule and stick to it!

Quality Matters

It’s often tempting, in the early days of your YouTube fashion channel, to just try to get content out there however you can. While it’s true that you don’t have to make every piece of content perfect, you do want to create high-quality content that your users can trust. Before posting a new video, ask yourself if this is content that you would want to view: content that interests and engages you. If the answer is no, you may want to revisit your content plan and try something new.

4. Promote your content.

For your fashion channel on YouTube to be successful, you need to promote it. Simply designing the content isn’t enough. You have to bring people to it and make use of it.

If you already have a strong online presence through your website and other social media accounts, start by sharing your new channel on those accounts. Invite your current fans to check out the new content you’ve created. Share your videos on Facebook and Instagram. Offer snippets that will pull them in.

If you don’t already have a strong online presence, on the other hand, you may need to utilize some other marketing tactics to help get your YouTube channel in front of your target audience.

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You may want to try:

  • Facebook or Instagram ads
  • Marketing your channel through your newsletter
  • Using the right keywords to help searchers find your content
  • Allowing embedding, which will allow others to share your content
  • Promoting your videos on YouTube
  • Connecting with other fashion brands and influencers to ask them to share your content

Establishing an online presence is critical for your fashion brand’s success in today’s highly virtual society. By creating your YouTube channel, you can get your brand in front of a wider number of people and, ultimately, make more of them aware of everything you have to offer.




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